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About Geff Dawson & Dawn It's not enough to say that Geff has been a cowboy all his life, but he has been the epitome of a cowboy who has come full circle. His granddad and their family built most of Abilene, Kansas with teams of horses and mules. They built roads to Colorado and beyond with those same teams. After marriage, two amazing kids and working on ranches in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Geff and his wife Dawn established their 2 Bar D Ranch in 1986 and also manages one of the most historic ranches on Wabaunsee County. He does it with some good ranch horses and a beautiful team of Percheron draft horses. Let's just say Geff's carbon imprint isn't as big as it used to be when he hitches the team to feed or put out mineral, or haul wood to the smoke house. "My Dad told me that if my granddad would have lived to see what kind of horseman, rancher and teamster I had become he would have been smiling ear to ear." Geff prides himself by doing everything the way it was meant to be done, "horseback." "I make coffee on a hundred-year-old stove in the morning just like they used to, my life is simple but event-filled, and I thank the good Lord for what I have. Some say I was born a hundred years too late, I say I hope a hundred years from now there is another cowboy born to carry on the tradition.  Geff Dawson performs around the country and his wife Dawn is the co-host of a syndicated radio show, Better Horses Radio.  Most recently, the Geff Dawson & Dawn show started touring the area at performing arts centers, agricultural events and theaters.  The Geff Dawson & Dawn show features Geff with his western music and cowboy poetry along with his newest band member and bass player, Dawn.  The show has grown in popularity throughout the Midwest with their western music, cowboy poetry, humor and just pure entertainment for the whole family.  In 2015, Geff and Dawn purchase the rights to the National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo event from Sam Jackson.  Sam had produced the event in the Western States very successfully for nearly 17 years.  Once he and Geff worked out an agreement, Geff began holding the annual competition in Abilene, Kansas, each year during the Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo and Central Kansas Free Fair.  It has been a huge honor to be able to carry on the traditions, rules and guidelines that Sam Jackson created so many years ago.  Most of all, it is absolutely amazing to see all of so very amazing contestants who attend the event each year.  For more information, visit